Periodontal diseases are one of the most common diseases among animals, especially domesticated creatures like cats and dogs.

Pet water additives and oral sprays are currently being studied, being developed, and being submitted for patent. The main function of these products is to break down the dental biofilm. Dental biofilms are a matrix-enabled and highly-structured microbial population that is hard to treat when it reaches its fourth and fifth stage. The spray and water additives are used to eradicate the biofilm, and eventually the bacteria, on places in the oral cavity that are hard to reach.

So far, these mentioned products have been awarded approval by the Low-Risk Veterinary Health Products (LRVHP) program of Health Canada. Bioengineering Research Solutions has partnered with vitro and in vivo clinical studies done by third party research companies in order to attest the effectivity of these products against bacteria that causes tartar, dental plaque, and periodontal diseases.

The water additive and oral spray are acceptable to cats and dogs and are also palatable, usually added with flavors to make it more enticing for pets. It is superior in safety and efficacy ratings and is found to be more effective in dealing with biofilm formation, as well as combatting oral bacteria, compared to other products of the same functions that are available in the market.


StrixNB – one of the most effective oral care products for pet dogs and cats and are recommended by veterinarians as a regular oral care regimen for them. This comes in a lot of product variants, including oral sprays, water additives, powders, and toothpaste that are formulated to combat biofilms and bacteria that can cause periodontal diseases and other oral health care problems among pets.

Currently, our research company is searching for partners for marketing and licensing the products to the rest of the world.