Bioengineering Research Solutions is dedicated to the development of products and procedures that supports the prevention and eradication of microbial biofilms.


We are founded on the desire to bring health and wellness to everyone to support the community and, eventually, the economy, reaching homes & gardens. Our study on the biofilm formation and its genetic mechanisms and formulated compounds that have the ability to combat biofilms.


We envision ourselves as a leading force in generating innovations that license technologies and commercialize products that are useful in dispersing and breaking down biofilms.

It is within our mission to continuously make discoveries and do whatever it takes to make it known to the public. We endeavor the commercialization of compelling technologies that are unique and essential in preventing infections. It is of utmost importance to support these technologies to aid healthcare in humans and animals alongside giving solutions to biofilm-related problems in its industrial applications.


Bioengineering Research Solutions focuses on the three phases of biofilm prevention technologies through the composition of novel products that help in the dispersion of bacterial biofilms. These three phases will help us de-risk technologies by establishing more advanced methods in clinical studies and to achieve certifications in safety and regulatory commissions.

DISCOVERY – The initial discovery in our laboratories and the licensing of studies through our licensing partners

DEVELOPMENT – Research and development phases in initial discovery to enhance and regulate all procedures and trials.

COMMERCIALIZATION -Licensing agreements and partnerships for marketing and commercializing the technologies formed and processed in our laboratories.