Smartphones are everywhere and almost every individual owns one for playing 7DS game. The rampant use of smartphones was also welcomed by the wide array of mobile applications like maps, games, business tools, etc. There are also those applications focused on promoting wellness and health among smartphone users.

Why not use it to your advantage by maximizing the mobile applications that you can install on your gadget?

By doing so, this technology can help you organize your health history, medical needs, eating patterns, sleeping habits, exercise routine, and many more.

Mobile Applications Encouraging Wellness and Health

Nowadays, smartphones are not just used for mobile gaming and communication. You can also utilize it to live a healthy lifestyle. Numerous health and wellness mobile applications are now made available in the market.

Here are some of the mobile applications that may boost your health:

My Medical

This mobile application allows you to keep a detailed record of your personal medical history. It permits you to keep immunization records of your kids, look after your child’s special needs, and monitor the health of your family.

It can also store the information of your emergency persons, contact details of your physician/s, health insurance, prescription medicines, etc. You can easily be reminded of your upcoming laboratory tests and doctor’s appointment because the app is synchronized with your phone’s calendar.

My Medical is compatible with mobile phones who are ran by Android 2.2 or higher and iOS 6.0 or higher. You can get this for only  $ 2.99.

Pill Reminders

There are a lot of pill reminding applications for the mobile market. One of them is the Medisafe Medication Reminder which is a smartphone application that serves as your medication reminder. It monitors all your prescription medicines and reminds you when to take one.

It is free for all Android and iOS users. It is also said to be the most downloaded pill reminder mobile app among iOS users.


iTriage is a free popular healthcare application worldwide. It has reached nearly 3 million downloads for the past years. It was built by doctors who have seen the need for clients or patients to book a doctor’s appointment in a much easier way, through smartphones.

It permits you to have a symptom guide to help you find the appropriate medical practitioners and health facilities near you. Currently, it has partnerships with thousands of physicians and hundreds of hospitals.


WebMD is a free mobile healthcare application that lets you access the latest health news, local health lists, first aid information, drug and treatment essentials, research on conditions, a wide array of symptom checkers, etc.


MealSnap is indeed a novel style of keeping a food journal. For only $2.9 you can easily download this app on your smartphone.

If you are health conscious and want to keep track of how many calories you consume daily, then this might come handy. Just take a photo of your meal and allow the application to automatically do the calorie counting for you. It also has barcode scanning for your convenience.

You can even share your food consumption with your loved ones and with others whom you think can help you be accountable for your food intake.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the mobile applications you may download and install on your smartphones instead of the usual mobile gaming tools available in the market. Technology is not just for leisure but it can take care of your health as well.

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